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Every now and again, I look around my home and make a mental list of everything I need to do, that I haven’t yet done.  Sometimes it’s minimal and I just get on with it. Other times I just stare, mid distance and wonder how on earth things got into this state, and when I’m ever going to get round to accomplishing anything of any significance.

For instance, cobwebs.  Their existence in the house is a complete anathema to me. I never see spiders engaging with the room corners, and diligently weaving their pieces of wonder.  But every time I feather duster them away, you can be sure they will return within what often seems like hours.  More grandiose than ever.

Then there’s the toys.  As I’m sure those of you who have anything to do with children know, there is a constant trail round the house of Lego, swords, dressing up outfits, and a plethora of other unrecognisable items which have had significance at some point to a game that has been played, but then the item has been dropped to accommodate it’s replacement.  And so, when moving from one space to another, these things inevitably make themselves known.  But not immediately.  Oh no.  They take their time to enter into the picture.  Lulling you into a false sense of security, until the moment comes when you drop your guard, momentarily.  Whereupon, as often with Lego for example, you unknowingly step on the object and it makes a very slight indent in your foot, which is more painful than its size really warrants.

So, in my attempt to maintain minimal order, I usually do a general sweep of the most walked on areas, picking up, putting back and clearing away stuff, before I can sit down to relax into the dying embers of the day.

However, there are some days where I just cannot muster up the energy, so persuade myself that the night time fairies will descend with fluttering agility and do it for me.  It’s like a version of the tooth fairy, but for grown ups.

Of course, I do have enough common sense to recognise that this will not happen, but despite this, I figure life is too short to keep it a priority at all times, and that it will eventually unnerve me to such an extent that I will do the inevitable.  Until then, I’m just going to let it all waft over me and drift, very slowly, into a state of denial.

Who knows, perhaps the fairies might make an appearance tonight…



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