There are some days, actually, many days, when I just seem to be chasing time, which constantly takes me by surprise.  Today, for example, I didn’t wake up later than usual, I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary or try and fit in an activity that took me away from the tasks in hand, and yet, I still managed to be completely unprepared for the shock of the clock, and it’s perpetual movement.

Consequently, we were late setting off for our morning destinations, and, surprise, surprise, late for the arrival of aforementioned destinations.  Why is this?  The strange thing is, once on the wheel of playing catch up, every minute that you steal back becomes a minor victory.  So I end up congratulating myself for achieving something quicker than I had allotted the time for.  ‘Well done you’, I hear my inner voice saying.  What’s that all about?  And come to think of it, why is it so important?

Well, others rely on you to be at a certain place, at a certain time.  And actually, I am more disappointed in myself than anything.  But then, today, at least I managed to make myself look presentable, because I took the time to make sure my clothes hung the way they should, layered over each other without a surreptitious tuck in the wrong place.  I also took a little time to put my make-up on before getting into the car as opposed to trying to do it whilst the traffic lights are red.

But at the end of the day, nothing has been gained by berating myself over a few lost minutes, and no-one has suffered as a consequence.  The only thing that has been lost is the small amount of time everyone should have, daily in my opinion, to reflect.

On arriving home, later than usual, my mind has once again drawn a blank over what to have for dinner.  There is silence in the space where there should be food combinations.  So I revert to the default setting.  With guilty overtones I mention the idea of a take away.  And then something extraordinary happens.  Having chosen the preferred take away menu, I telephone, and reach an answerphone message, telling me the take away shop of choice is not open on Tuesdays.

I reflect, and decide that, actually, by the time we make another decision on what to order, order it, and wait, I could have rustled up something edible.  And so I do.  Rice, boiled in a magical Knorr vegetable stock pot, with red pepper and broccoli added just in the last minutes, followed by the wonderful soy sauce.

Finally, I have managed to save both time and money, as it is not only edible, but exactly what we fancied eating.

Amazing what you can do with a little time.


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