Fish and Chips



There are two things which are an absolute must when you’re at the seaside.  One, you just have to paddle in the sea, and two, it is imperative that you eat fish and chips.

Really?  Yes.  And I’ll tell you why.  

Although we are often all consumed by our daily habits, what we wear, where we must be and when we must be there, when you arrive at the seaside you are drawn to the vast sky which is all around you, and the water that gently beckons, come hither.  And so, you start the sometimes quite long walk to the waters edge, take off your often inappropriate footwear, and release your feet into the gloriously cool liquid which immediately surrounds them and then draws away.  There is nothing like feeling the salt water splashing around your ankles.  It always evokes, for me, childhood.  There is a sense of freedom, which only a light foot dip can provide.

Secondly, whilst at the seaside, there is the ever present aroma of salt water, doughnut sugar, seaweed and fish and chips.  This wafts around as a constant, until you realise you’re absolutely ‘Hank Marvin’ (starvin’) and only fish and chips will do.  The fish tastes succulent and meaty, the chips, crisp and plump.  Salt and vinegar just enhance the already mouth watering explosion happening inside, and seaside perfection is reached.

The seagulls can be a little bit of a problem though, as they do seem to feel that it is their God given right to swoop and steal at any given opportunity.  But it’s worth it and quite frankly, all part of the experience, in my view.  Not everyone shares this view however. 

Kirsty:  “I hate pigeons”

Me:  “That’s a seagull”

Kirsty: “I still hate them”





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